• Animal ID# A667095
  • Dog Name: Beau
  • Dog Sex: Male
  • Approximate Age: 5 years
  • Dog Size: M
  • A Little About Me: Well let’s just address the obvious, I could sure use to lose a few pounds so a family willing to help me shed some weight would be awesome!  I was a family member but dropped off at a shelter because I don’t get a long with all dogs, which is no big thing! I am all about manners, who wouldn’t appreciate that?!  If you are a family looking for a mannerly boy to add to your family then I am the dog for you! Meet me today because I am one awesome easy-going chill guy.
  • I participate in shelter playgroups with: Gentle and dainty female dogs
  • Walk Rating: Walks well, needs reminders to check in with handler
  • Snuggle Rating: Lives for snuggling
  • Type of Learner: Is ready and eager to learn
  • Energy Level : Medium energy blend, needs some play prior to relaxation
  • Manner Level: I enjoy meeting new people and do so in a calm manner
  • My motivation is: Treat motivated
  • Known Skills: Sit, Watch Me
  • Personality: Soft, marshmallow, human motivated, people are my favorite

Watch Beau having a blast with his friend Cashew:


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