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Age:    4 years   Gender:    female

  • If you’re looking for an all-around awesome dog–beautiful temperament, lovely social nature, charming personality–then Sugar is waiting for you. She’s the complete package.
  • Sugar is the perfect, medium size family dog!
  • In foster with three other dogs; would like a playful canine companion in the home, but would also be happy as an only dog soaking up all your love.
  • Crate trained and house trained. Sleeps in her crate peacefully through the night.
  • Likes playing in water! Enjoys going to the lake, hiking and splashing around.
  • Knows all her basic obedience (sit, down, wait) and is enjoying learning more advanced tricks like “shake” and “roll over.”
  • Great house manners – waits for an invitation before getting on any furniture, and is often left to roam freely while her foster family is away.
  • Great on leash. Sugar loves to go for walks.
  • Just old enough to be out of the destructive puppy phase, but young enough to be active and playful.
  • Totally easy, medium energy girl who is just as happy walking or playing in the yard as she is in a soft bed with a bone to chew.
  • LOVES toys, bones and belly rubs.
  • Very people focused, but not too clingy. She likes to hang out and watch the world go by with her foster family.
  • Beautiful white coat with adorable freckles of brown, and stunning eyes.
  • Smart and loves learning. Very food motivated and easy to train.
  • Will make an ideal companion for most any family or person.

Sugar is in foster care. Complete our adoption application and email it to us today at if you’d like to make her your sweeheart!

Check out Sugar in her foster home!

Here she is showing off all her skills!

Sugar LOVES her playgroup besties!

Meeting Dogs at the Shelter

The shelter’s kennels are loud, stressful places for dogs. Some dogs express that stress by exhibiting behavior inside a kennel that they will not show otherwise. Please ask to take the dog you are interested in to a play yard and spend some time getting to know him or her in that more relaxed environment. For more information on meeting dogs at the shelter, please read this article.

Ask About Our Adoption Counseling!

Did you know PBSOC offers adoption counseling via email for large-breed dogs at To learn more, visit our adoption page, and to get started, fill out our adoption application and email it to us. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook!

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