ID #A710964

Age: 1 year      Gender: spayed female

  • Dobby’s sweet, delicate soul just craves warmth and love from people.
  • Will flourish in a loving, positive home where she is treated like a family member
  • Would love confidence building in order to blossom and has already made beautiful progress even here at the shelter, even though she does find the shelter environment stressful
  • Loves the swimming pool, so if you’re looking for a water dog, here she is!
  • Adores people, especially kind, affectionate ones
  • Great on leash and loves being at her person’s side
  • Would do well with a playful dog in the home
  • Handler focused and easy to work with
  • Loves to run and will be a fun running buddy
  • Really soft-natured marshmallow
  • Pretty girl with cute fur markings
  • Wants to be an indoor companion
  • Adores toys and is very playful and happy when she gets a stuffed squeaky ball
  • Dobby has a totally happy sillypants inside of her that just loves to come out and shine. Will you be the lucky person who gets to witness her happiness every day?

Dobby is in foster Email an application to us at if interested in meeting her.

Dobby has some smooth playgroup moves…Watch her in action!


Meeting Dogs at the Shelter

The shelter’s kennels are loud, stressful places for dogs. Some dogs express that stress by exhibiting behavior inside a kennel that they will not show otherwise. Please ask to take the dog you are interested in to a play yard and spend some time getting to know him or her in that more relaxed environment. For more information on meeting dogs at the shelter, please read this article.

Ask About Our Adoption Counseling!

Did you know PBSOC offers adoption counseling via email for large-breed dogs at To learn more, visit our adoption page, and to get started, fill out our adoption application and email it to us. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook!

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