• Animal ID#: A746803
  • Dog Name: Cappy
  • Dog Sex: Male
  • Approximate Age: 2 years
  • Dog Size: L
  • A Little About Me: I am as silly and funny as they come, a total ham some would say!  I have a bigger than life personality and I want nothing more than to share all the good times to be had with my people.  I am affectionate and just can’t stop smiling and wiggling because there is nothing much that gets me down…..besides being stuck at the shelter of course.  I am ready for the adventure to begin and would love you to join in with me.
  • I participate in shelter playgroups with: Playful female dogs
  • Walk Rating: Working on loose leash walking and check-in reminders
  • Snuggle Rating: Lives for snuggling
  • Type of Learner: Is ready and eager to learn
  • Energy Level : Medium energy blend, needs some play prior to relaxation
  • Manner Level: I love meeting new people and get excited but calm quickly
  • My motivation is: Treat motivated
  • Known Skills: Sit, Watch Me
  • Personality: Party animal, total ham, life of the party

Email an application to us at to start the online adoption counseling process.

Check out this adorable dude with his lady friends! 

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