SSPA’s Dog’s Day Out program makes a difference in the lives of companion animals by ensuring they get plenty of exercise, attention, and exposure to environments outside of the shelter, all while putting smiles on the faces of the people who share this experience with them. Interested in taking me on an adventure?

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  • Animal ID#: A788110
  • Dog Name: Eli
  • Dog Sex: Male
  • Approximate Age: 2 years
  • Here’s what a volunteer had to say about Eli after a Dog Day Out:
    Eli absolutely tugs on my heart strings. What a good boy (I can’t ever imagine him even doing something naughty). He’s very shy (wouldn’t take any treats of any kind – I tried them all). Spent a little bit of time trembling and hiding under a blanket, but totally started to slowly come around with just us sitting next to him on the floor, talking and petting him. By the end, he even put his head on my leg for just a tiny bit. He was very happy when out walking (would occasionally freeze and look around, then decide it was ok and carry on). He just needs time and lots of love and understanding so he can feel safe again.

    The dogs are keeping us busy so we’re a little behind, please submit an application to our adoption counseling team for more information about Eli.

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Meeting Dogs at the Shelter 

The shelter’s kennels are loud, stressful places for dogs. Some dogs express that stress by exhibiting behavior inside a kennel that they will not show otherwise. Please ask to take the dog you are interested in to a play yard and spend some time getting to know him or her in that more relaxed environment. For more information on meeting dogs at the shelter, please read this article.

Ask About Our Adoption Counseling! 

SSPA offers adoption counseling via email for large-breed dogs at sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com. To learn more, visit our adoption page, and to get started, fill out our adoption application and email it to us.

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