About SSPA

Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive is a charitable nonprofit that serves as a safety net and support system for shelter dogs with a focus on the most vulnerable. SSPA is a group of staff and volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of stay for dogs by providing innovative, comprehensive behavioral and rehabilitative programs, foster care and rescue support, and adoption retention proven to sustain a high live outcome.

Contacting Us

Have questions about the dogs on this site or would like more information regarding the services SSPA provides? Email us at sspadogs@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that we are volunteers and generally respond within 24 hours, we appreciate your patience.

SSPA approaches every dog as an individual, with the understanding that physical appearance does not determine behavior. In 2012 the dog live outcome for Sacramento County was 65% and our program focus was to support block-headed dogs, the most euthanized and vulnerable leading to PBSOC – Pit Bull Socialization and Obedience Crew. Our program continued to expand as we learned and grew and in 2016 our focus evolved to find better ways to serve all shelter dogs and led to our new name, Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive. In 2018 the live outcome for dogs at an open admission municipality was 93%.

Our work includes:

Want to know more about our dog playgroups at the shelter? This video highlights what we do in playgroups and why this part of our mission is so vital:

Cruelty case/confiscated dog program is one of our most valued and important early work establishing a standard of care for victims. Our program aims to provide the necessary support for long-stay dogs to remain mentally and physically healthy. This video shares the story of one of our most extreme confiscate situations–during which 18 dogs from a fight bust were ordered to be housed at the shelter for two years: 

Obedience work provide the necessary mental stimulation allowing an outlet to release kennel stress, quieting their minds, and preparing them for their future homes.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Delyse Gannaway CPDT-KA – Program Founder/Director and Playgroup Supervising Lead Delyse

As SSPA’s founder and director, Delyse oversees all aspects of the organization with the ultimate goal of her own housing facility to support multiple shelter’s and their dogs in need. She also runs dog playgroups at the shelter, is the behavior team lead, assists with the shelter’s foster program, and gets to know all of the dogs in the program to help match them with foster and adoptive homes. As if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she writes all the bios you see on dogs pages, supports foster providers who need help, and fosters dogs herself. She is a passionate advocate for the well-being of all dogs–our very own force of nature in a SSPA tee-shirt.

Sandy – Playgroup Leader & Behavioral Team Member

Sandy is a part of our behavior team, a playgroup leader and amazingly devoted foster provider who puts in extensive time each week helping runSandy the dog playgroups at the shelter, overseeing the testing, socialization, and exercise of as many as 100 plus dogs at a time. She loves every dog and worries about each one’s well-being. Sandy is a conscientious team member who is always willing to do more. She takes on some of the more challenging medical and behavior foster dogs who need extra TLC in order to thrive–and she seems to always have room for one more dog.

Robert – Playgroup Leader & Behavioral Team Member

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 4.46.02 PMAs a playgroup leader and part of our behavior team, Robert helps keep the playgroups running smoothly. Robert has been one of SSPA’s biggest supporters, and continues to grow and gain behavioral knowledge as a lead.  Robert is a devoted and passionate team member putting in multiple hours weekly ensuring dogs get out of their kennels, participate in playgroups and provides the necessary behavioral needs to thrive.  He is also the founder of one of our largest fundraisers, Meet Your Maker.  Robert puts in countless hours to make this event a huge success.

Izzy – Behavior Team Member & Volunteer Trainer

Izzy will be one of the first people you meet when you join our volunteer team, she had been walking dogs at the shelter for several years before taking on the volunteer trainer position. She continues to do so, and is now SSPA’s lead volunteer trainer for new volunteers. Izzy has shown a true passion and dedication to learning and better serving those dogs most in need of behavioral support. She is a valued team member.


Photography Team Lead – Chandra

Our photo team lead, Chandra, lends her awesome skills to help our dogs look their best! She also recruits and oversees an amazing team of talented photographers, dog handlers, and editors, who take and process the photos and videos for our website.



Online Adoption Counseling 

Our adoption counselors work in conjunction with Delyse (SSPA’s director) to provide adoption counseling and foster support via email at
sspadogs@gmail.com. Adding a new member to your family can be a difficult decision, SSPA’s adoption counselors aim to relieve some of that stress by matching adopters with compatible dogs for the most successful outcomes. Our counseling team will also provide post-adoption support and resources to address any issue that may arise after taking your new dog home.

Social Media Team – Kalin and Kerissa

The SSPA media team ensures our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts are always active with informational posts. Our social media offers a line of communication for Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive to engage the public, answer questions while providing detailed information on our available dogs, dogs in need of foster, and all our upcoming events.

Our Volunteers

From photographers to videographers to playgroup helpers, dog walkers, and internet support, there are many ways our volunteers enrich the lives of shelter dogs and help them have happy outcomes. Check out of some of our volunteers in action. Want to join the team? Email us at sspadogs@gmail.com.

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