About Us


PB SOC is a group of volunteers dedicated to bettering the lives of dogs–with a focus on large breed dogs–during their stay at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter of Sacramento, California. Started originally to work with pit bull type dogs, we have broadened our efforts to help all large breed dogs. We approach every dog as an individual, with the understanding that physical appearance does not determine behavior. Our program continues to expand as we learn, grow, and find better ways to serve shelter dogs.

Our mission includes:

Want to know more about our dog playgroups at the shelter? This video explains what we do in playgroups and why this part of our mission is so vital:

The confiscated dogs program has been one of our most important missions. It ensures that dogs with long stays at the shelter remain mentally and physically healthy. This video shares the story of one of our most extreme confiscate situations–during which 18 dogs from a fight bust stayed with us for two years:

Obedience work keeps the dogs minds busy, tires them out so they can rest in their kennels, and prepares them for their future homes.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Delyse – Program Founder/Director and Playgroup Supervising Lead Delyse

As PB SOC’s founder and director, Delyse oversees all aspects of the organization. She also runs dog playgroups at the shelter, assists in the shelter’s foster program, and gets to know all of the dogs in the program to help match them with foster and adoptive homes. As if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she writes all the bios you see on dogs pages, supports foster providers who need help, and fosters dogs herself. She is a passionate advocate for the well-being of all dogs–our very own force of nature in a PB SOC tee-shirt.

Sandy – Playgroup Leader & Behavioral Team Member

Sandy is a part of our behavior team, a playgroup leader and amazingly devoted foster provider who puts in extensive time each week helping runSandy the dog playgroups at the shelter, overseeing the testing, socialization, and exercise of as many as 50 plus dogs at a time. She loves every dog and worries about each one’s well-being. Sandy is a conscientious volunteer who is always willing to do more. She takes on some of the more challenging medical and behavior foster dogs who need extra TLC in order to thrive–and she seems to always have room for one more dog.



Robert – Playgroup Leader & Behavioral Team Memeber

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 4.46.02 PMAs a playgroup leader and part of our behavior team, Robert helps keep the playgroups running smoothly. Robert has been one of PBSOC’s biggest supporters, and continues to grow and gain behavioral knowledge as a lead.  Robert is a devoted and passionate volunteer who puts in multiple hours weekly ensuring dogs get out of their kennels and participate in playgroups.  He is also the founder of one of our largest fundraisers, Meet Your Maker.  Robert puts in countless hours to make this event a huge success.


Photography Team – Chandra and Emily

Photo teamOur lead photographer, Chandra, lends her awesome skills to help our dogs look their best! She is involved in all aspects of the photography process, from taking photos to processing and uploading them to our website.  Great dog photos can’t happen without someone to wrangle, cajole, charm, and handle the canine subjects, and that’s where Emily lends a hand. You can often see her as the human subject in our dog portraits. Ashley King, from 2 Girls 20 Cameras, takes our fabulous playgroup photos.

Kalin – Facebook Media Leader Kalin

Kalin joined PB SOC in 2014 as a dog walker and member of our Compassion in Action program. She has since been a foster provider and most recently joined our web team. Kalin ensures our Facebook page is always active with informational posts, maintains the PB SOC Twitter account, and works to create outreach supporting PB SOC’s mission. Kalin has two adopted pets, Apple pup and Sasha cat, and has a soft spot for animals of all kinds.

Heather – Website Lead and Social Media

HeatherHeather first joined PB SOC as a foster provider. She is also an adopter who wants to help other families find their new family dog. She manages the PB SOC Instagram account and creates and maintains all the dog pages you see on our website! As if that’s not enough, she also assists with email, Facebook and she is responsible for our website’s most popular feature, the Weekly Adoption Update! She will occasionally help out with transport as well!

Izzy – Online Adoption Counselor & Volunteer Trainer

Izzy has been walking dogs at the shelter for several years. She continues to do so, but also works in conjunction with Delyse and Jenni to provide adoption counseling and foster support via email at sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com. Izzy is also the lead trainer for new volunteers. She will be one of the first people you meet when you join our volunteer team!


Jenni – Online Adoption Counselor

Jenni started with PB SOC as an adopter and quickly became a dog walker, when she heard there was a need for an adoption counselor she volunteered to help. She works in conjunction with Delyse and Izzy to provide adoption Jennicounseling and foster support via email at
sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com. When she’s not responding to the endless stream of email, she can be found walking dogs at the shelter, occasionally with her daughters joining in too!


Lysa – Facebook & Web TeamFullSizeRender-1

Lysa has been with PB SOC for years as a foster provider, a dog walker and trainer, and as the lead volunteer trainer. She has also been a huge help with fundraising and marketing. Right now, she’s directing her creativity toward design and has joined our social media team. You will see Lysa’s work on fliers and promotional pieces.


Kimberly – PB SOC App, Dog Walker and Playgroup Runner

Kimberly adopted Chowder from Bradshaw in May 2017. While there she was greeted by PB SOC founder Delyse, who told her all about shelter playgroups, Kimberlypost adoption counseling and obedience classes. Knowing she now wanted to help other dogs have the same opportunities Chowder did while he was a resident of Bradshaw, as soon as she saw a volunteer orientation training she signed up. Kimberly started with PB SOC as a dog walker and playgroup runner, she now is a member of the media team and helps maintain the app. Kimberly loves spending time with dogs waiting for their forever homes while learning more about dog behavior.


Our Volunteers

From photographers to videographers to playgroup helpers, dog walkers, and internet support, there are many ways our volunteers enrich the lives of shelter dogs and help them have happy outcomes. Check out this gallery of some of our volunteers in action. Want to join the team? Email us at sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com.


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