Fosters Needed!

Interesting in Becoming a Foster Care Provider?

Our foster care providers are volunteers who help provide dogs much-needed breaks from the shelter. Foster homes come in all shapes and sizes, and there are as many reasons people choose to foster as there are dogs in need of foster homes.

We need for foster families to help our dogs who have health issues, need a break from the shelter, or could use some work on their social or behavior skills before being adopted. No matter your lifestyle or current pets, we can help find the right match for your family. If you’re wondering what fostering is like, read the foster stories at the bottom of this page.

When you foster, all expenses are paid, including food. To learn more about fostering, please read on, and then contact us at

Common Concerns About Fostering–And Our Responses

Unsure how fostering could possibly fit into your busy life? Have questions or concerns? Please read this helpful article.

Still want to learn more? Read the PBSOC Dog Fostering Handbook.

Foster Application

The first step in fostering is to complete an application so that we can match you up with a dog that fits your lifestyle, family and current pets. Please fill out our foster application. Once completed, save as a new pdf document (if you have the ability), scan it or take a picture with your phone and return it as an attachment to

Dogs in Need of Foster Homes


Sweet, silly Pedro would do so much better in a real home. He is all about his peeps, and living day after day in a lonely kennel is triggering high levels of stress. Check out his webpage and contact us if you can share your home with this young guy.



You must meet Effie to experience how endearing, lovely and special this amazing girl really is! Effie participates in playgroups with gentle and dainty dogs that give her space.She is calm, mellow, relaxed, and just awesome and is confused as to why she is in the shelter and lies on her bed waiting for someone to choose her, let that person be you!
Visit her webpage to learn more about this fabulous lady.


Those ears, those eyes, that smile…….oh my! Juanita is ready to say goodbye to shelter life and hello to family pet living. She is a super affectionate gal who insists on being with a family that loves to cuddle as much as she does. Shelter life is not for the faint of heart and it’s not for Juanita who just wants somebody to love!
Check out her webpage and contact us if you can share your home with this young lady.


Chappy is one cool dude. This guy has great manners and is showing to be potty trained. He’s just not cut out for shelter life.
Chappy is so wanting to be a family companion and ready to be a lovely house guest, not much to teach this one as he seems to already know it all!  Easy breezy in-door living for Chappy!
Visit his webpage to learn more about this fabulous fella.


This super silly and playful pup is in need of foster. Licorice is affectionate and loves human hugs. He is treat and toy motivated and eager to learn. Shelter life is not a place for a young’n with energy to burn!
Check out his webpage and contact us if you can share your home with this young guy.



Peaches is happy, and we mean happy, when she exits that kennel nothing makes her happier than running her zoomies, seeing her human pals and playing with some canine pals. This beautiful lady is so ready to leave shelter life and move on to family living. If you are a family who loves to laugh and smile then Peaches is the special girl you have been waiting for!  Visit her webpage to learn more about this beaut. 


Bacon is ready to bring fun and laughter to his new family so come and meet this amazing boy today. This young blue pup is full of silly goodness, a splash of sass and a whole lot of wiggles and kisses! He participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and playful dogs. Shelter life is ruff on a young 9 month old like Bacon.
Visit his webpage to learn more about this hunky lover.


Hubba hubba, Diesel is one good lookin’ muscle bound lover boy. Diesel participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and playful canine pals. The shelter is no place for this gentle-hearted hunk. This guy hasn’t met a human he doesn’t like and is easy going chill type of guy once he releases his zoomies. Visit his webpage to learn more about this amazing boy.. 

Additional Dogs Needing Foster:

We have several dogs with pending court cases. Each of them are special and overdue to know what it’s like to be loved. It is unknown how long their cases will last, but we know it’s too long to live in a lonely shelter. If you are interested in being a very special foster for one of these very special dogs, contact us today.

We have a packed shelter so getting any dog into foster is helpful. Contact us today, and our counselors can match you with a dog to foster that fits your family, life style and current pets.

Some Important Facts About Being a Foster Care Provider:
      • no experience necessary; we will provide support and training
      • all supplies and medical care provided, so no expense falls on the foster provider
      • length of foster commitment can vary from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the needs of the dog
      • you get to choose the dog you take home with the help of someone familiar with the dogs; dog placement is based on the needs of the foster care provider as matched with an individual dog
      • fostering one dog does not commit you to fostering more dogs in the future, but once you try it, we bet you’ll be hooked!
      • it’s okay if you work full time; many dogs just need a safe, quiet place to stay, and we will work with your situation to find a dog who meets your need


What Do Fosters Do?