Lysa is a familiar and friendly face around the county shelter, where she has been volunteering for several years. She has also fostered more dogs than she can count over the years, and currently is fostering puppy Raisin.


Lysa pals around with oh-so-lovable Sammy.


Volunteer Experience

How long have you been volunteering with PB SOC?
Since the beginning.

How did you get started?
I volunteered with Delyse (PB SOC’s creator) in another organization and was really inspired by her drive to bring positive changes for all pit bulls at the shelter and was so excited to be a part of the new program!

What do you do for PB SOC?
I train and socialize dogs, which is my favorite! But I also help with website, Facebook and I look for new volunteers! I also show newbies the ropes and get them acquainted with the program and philosophies. And I help with any special projects that may come up!

What is one of your favorite things about working with the dogs?
One of our strengths is the consistency we provide for our dogs, so seeing their transformation from day one to their last day at the shelter is absolutely my favorite things. We see dogs blossom through relationship-based training, and it’s phenomenal to see them thrive!

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for us?
Come on out–you’ll never be sorry you did! It’s not for everyone! All of our volunteers work super hard each and every day, but the pay-offs are incomparable to anything I’ve ever experienced!

Anything else you’d like to share?
PB SOC is comprised of amazing, big-hearted people! Having experienced volunteering with lots of different programs in the area, I am happy to say that PB SOC is home! PB SOC is super versatile, open to new ideas, and offers freedom and flexibility like no other program I’ve experienced. I am so happy to call PB SOC home and find myself looking forward to every Sunday I volunteer!

In the following video, Lysa works on obedience skills with Sammy:

Foster Experience 

How many dogs have you fostered?
Too many to count!

What do you love about fostering?
I love fostering because each foster is a new toy! They all have unique challenges and rewards that they bring!

Describe your home/pet situation and how that helps or hinders fostering.
I have one male and one female dog in my home. Each of my dogs is very dog selective with new dogs. This challenge helps me to be a more successful foster, because I am forced to crate and rotate all new dogs and do very slow introductions. Slow introductions are the only way to have a peaceful home and help everyone get acclimated, and having two dogs that force me to be respectful of the slow introductions really sets me up for success with new fosters!

Describe a challenge you faced with a foster dog and how you overcame it.
Every single foster I have every had has always presented with a problem, big or small. Working with Delyse is very unique as she is always ready and willing to put a management plan in place for each dog’s success. She will guide you through until you find something that works. One foster dog’s energy was a little bit more than we had anticipated and Delyse helped set me up with our PB SOC bike so that I could get the dog’s excess ya-yas out without losing my mind! 

Describe a favorite memory of fostering.
My favorite memories with fosters are the on-going rewards you receive from the new families and seeing them continue to thrive in their homes. Being able to be a part of the adoption process really makes letting them go to new homes enjoyable! And luckily for me, most of the adoptive families keep in touch via email, Facebook and even text! I love getting pictures and updates out of the blue from the thankful families!

Describe what it was like to give up a dog after fostering him or her.
Being a big baby, I normally cry a little each time I let them go. However, I am always so involved with the adoption process that I am really excited to see them go because by now I know they could not have a more perfect forever home. I always hear people say that they can not foster because they could not let them go. Each time I let go, I am always ready for them to move on to a forever placement. And seeing what joy they bring their new family on adoption day is not a memory I would ever want to miss!

Thank you, Lysa!

Think you too might be interested in fostering or volunteering for PB SOC? Email for more information.