Meet Carolyn, one of our terrific volunteers and repeat fosters! On Sundays, she is a warm and welcoming presence at the shelter as she helps coordinate dog walking and walks dogs herself. She also tracks animals in the program and completes a variety of other tasks that helps keep PB SOC rolling along.


On Volunteering

How long have you been volunteering with PB SOC?

Since PB SOC was created

How did you get started?

I volunteered at the shelter with Delyse.  When she created the program I joined.

What do you do for PB SOC?

Walk / love on dogs.  I also do the spreadsheets, keep track of what dogs we have and which volunteers work which dogs, what the dogs need.  Pretty much whatever Delyse needs.

What is one of your favorite things about working with the dogs?  

I love getting to know the dogs and seeing their individual personalities shine through.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for us?  

Come out and join us!  It’s a great group of people and we get to spend time with some pretty amazing dogs.

On Fostering

How many dogs have you fostered?  


What do you love about fostering?

I love getting to know the potential adopters, getting to really see the interactions between them and the foster dogs.  We have had some pretty amazing families adopt our fosters, and we still get updates on them.  I love the updates!!

Describe your home/pet situation and how that helps or hinders fostering.

We have 2 resident pit bulls and a dachshund.  One of our dogs is dog selective but does well with puppies.  So, we only foster puppies.

Describe a challenge you faced with a foster dog and how you overcame it.  

We had a pair of sibling puppies, we actually moved our kitchen table out of the kitchen to make room for the large x-pen.  The puppies actually figured out how to get out of the xpen, we had to get pretty creative on keeping them contained.

Describe a favorite memory of fostering.  

Some of my favorite memories of adopting are getting to watch the interactions between the potential family and the fosters dogs.  One family comes to mind in particular.  The couple spent all of the time on the floor with the puppy “Tank,” playing with him and loving on him.  They played until Tank was worn out.  The couple spent hours with us.  We still get updates on Tank today.

Describe what it was like to give up a dog after fostering him or her.  

It’s hard but rewarding at the same time.  I am always sad when they leave but we have been lucky and get updates which makes it easier.  It’s always so fulfilling to see them happy and living in a home!

Any other comments about fostering you’d like to share? 

If you are able to foster, it is so rewarding!!  It makes such a difference for the dogs!!

Thank you, Carolyn! We truly appreciate all the ways you work to make the lives of shelter dogs better.